Statics designed for wind speeds up to

170 mph (273 km/h), Hurricane category 5


Substructure also optimized for Bi- Facial Modules

East-West facing

better split power production during the day

Module rear ventilation by chimney effect

Micro piling system

No foundation required

Central revision bridge for maintenance and cleaning

Quick and simple assembly

and disassembly

PV system and battery storage modular expandable

Independent of power grids, pre-installed and pre-wired:


MSP On or Off Grid based Power Domes meets the energy needs of remote areas, where is no connection to the power grid, but also of specific needs with automated energy priority management in the following order: solar, battery, external source.

  • Storage in high capacity battery from 133 up to 570 kWh.

  • Remote monitoring of production data.

  • Requires no construction work.

  • Meets international standards for sea, road and rail transport.

MSP's easily transportable cube solutions can be quickly deployed for humanitarian aid. The hidden financial and humanitarian savings can be very large.



MSP Construction AG operates through a global network of established contacts. All relevant commercial, technical and installation staff is available in-house to execute a significant portion of the works before shipping out ready-to-install cubes to the project location which guarantees swift project execution.


Through our collection of partners, we are able to efficiently deliver renewable energy across the world, including in remote areas. Our product is the most flexible form of solar PV plant to date. It is applicable in a wide variety of contexts and we firmly believe it will play an important role in tackling most of the environmental and climate change issues prevalent in the world today.

Our homepage does not currently reflect the status of our product and service portfolio. We are in the process of updating this.